About Us

Fayton Corp is a premier high quality learning and skill development solutions company with expertise in providing best in class services in corporate training, sales training,academic coaching,coaching classes in Pune ,web design & development and ERP projects. Fayton’s courses are designed by training experts that have a direct & measurable impact on our client’s key performance indicators. Founded in 2010 Fayton Corp have helped many clients to maximise their business objectives by increasing their market shares, enhancing sales & distribution, gaining effective communication skills  for its employees and improving customer care and talent management.
According to a recent study “Foresight 2020” carried by Economic Intelligence Unit, Asia’s share towards World Economy would increase from 35% to 43% between 2005 and 2020. The research further revealed that more than 65% of those surveyed felt that knowledge workers in complex roles needing advanced communications and judgemental skills will be most valued employees and to groom such workers as much as 38% of them will require corporate training.